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New Haven Register

Shoreline entrepreneur pens new book on latest venture – April 30, 2011

Starting Up A Business? He’s Addicted. He’s Afflicted. And He Wants You To Be, Too


Great review of the book!

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This is an excerpt of a review posted on

“Talk about real. Ryan Duques has hit the mark with how to start anew. In a time when many are being pushed to reinvent, this is a quick 72 page read allowing the reader to put themselves in Ryan’s shoes. The author tells us from start to finish about getting an idea for a new business and figuring out how to implement quickly…” Read the rest here.

eBook available on Kindle!

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37 Days to Launch Cover

Cover for 37 Days to Launch, designed by Dreamscape Design Group, Essex, CT

Coming soon!

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Hi, I am a serial entrepreneur and I recently finished writing a very short book about my most recent venture. The short book explores the process, tools and emotions of getting a new venture launched in 37 days.